Laser Aligning Services and Equipment

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Braithwaite electrical offer various laser aligning services using state of the art laser aligning equipment.

In applications where time and efficiency is money , which is the case in most instances electric motors,shafts and pulleys should be aligned to ensure the most cost efficient operation for both power consumption and wear and tear on moving parts.

Correctly aligned machines reduce the risk of breakdown , unsafe work environments and overall keep your operations running smoothly.

Common problems caused from motors that are not laser aligned 

Common problems that are caused from unit set-ups that are not aligned properly are

  • Leaking seals
  • Increased vibration
  • Higher energy consumption
  • Motor bearing failure
  • Motor shaft breakage
  • Motor coupling wear
  • Quality problems
  • Lost production
  • Lost profit

 Braithwaite electrical laser alignment services

Braithwaite electrical laser alignment services include

  • Onsite laser alignment
  • Electric motor shaft alignment services
  • Electric motor sheve alignment services
  • Electric motor pulley alignment services
  • Vibration analysis and vibration measurement
  • Twist measurement of foundations
  • Straightness measurement
  • Spindle alignment

Motor shaft alignment services

With our system we can align all types of rotating machines: horizontally mounted, vertically/flange mounted,
cardan-shaft-coupled machines and machine trains (up to ten machines in line).
Our system has functions for compensation of thermal growth, tolerance check and reference
foot locking. We can also check straightness and twist on the machine base. Last but not least, it is possible to
perform vibration measurements and digital sheave/pulley alignment.

Sheave and pulley alignment

We can provide a professional service for sheave and pulley alignment to ensure

  • Reduced pulley , belt and seal wear
  • Reduced level of vibration
  • Increased energy efficiency which means lower energy and service cost