Braithwaite electrical offer a wide range of rotor dynamic balancing and shaft dynamic balancing services for the electric motor industry.

Nearly anything that rotates or is supported by bearings that allow it to rotate can and should be balanced to save time and money of both labour and parts.From the smallest rotor,electric motor armatures to to large power generating turbines and the largest jet engines

  • To reduce vibration, wear and tear of parts.
  • To ensure efficient operation of any machine and the lowest possible mechanical resistance of moving parts. 
  • To increase reliability and cost effective operation of machinery.

Braithwaite electrical offer several dynamic balancing services.

  • Onsite dynamic balancing and vibration analysis
  • Dynamic rotor balancing
  • Dynamic fan balancing
  • Dynamic impeller balancing
  • Dynamic motor shaft balancing
  • Dynamic roller drum balancing

To find out how we can assist you please call the office on (07) 3217 1377